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Yoga by minimum donations or more for capable adults or whatever you can afford for none capable adults or students. Proof of your none capability or student ID is required. Proceeds will help purchase yoga equipment, such as yoga block, straps, support the studio and help others who can’t afford yoga prices take free or close to free yoga classes.

We want to especially thank yoga teachers for supporting us and for offering donation and free yoga classes. Proceeds will also go to benefit National Yoga Month and will help expand our national grassroots awareness campaign to inspire many more millions to live a healthy lifestyle. THANK YOU, the students and teachers of Thuy’s JabariYoga Shala

Yoga by donation:

Drop in

8-class card

12-class card 

Monthly Unlimited

3 months unlimited

Schedule/class times:

530-630am M-Sat

540-640pm M-Sat

410-510pm Tue, Thurs and Sat

Closed Sundays


83 DinhTien Hoang, Hong Bang, HP, VN

 JABARI YOGA™ class description:

Every class is mix level – Yogis new to yoga, beginners and advance are welcome to join any class. Ashtanga yoga is the inspiration for what is often called jabariYoga™. Full jump backs are expected but not necessary. 

Please, Please, Please:

1.         Learn to have fun with your yoga practice.  You are encouraged to know your limits and to know what your body can and can't do. 

2.         Learn how to modify and how to use props when needed. It is a mix level yoga class and not everybody is on the same level.  So you don’t have to keep pace with the class or do what you see others do. There's the teacher and a yoga assistant in class to help and show you yoga pose modifications and how to use yoga props. 

3.         No cell phone, loud talking or space claiming and/or drama that would disturb others who may be meditating, relaxing or chilling out from a busy and/or stressful day.

4.         Don’t let us have to ask you to be mindful of the latter or you will be charged a fee that doubles each time we have to remind you, for example, to turn off your cell phone after it rings during class (so not cool). Yet your cooperation is appreciated. However if you forget, your fee (taken off your class card) is welcome too! So no worries 

·         From the students and teachers at JabariYoga, thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon around the studio!

“Thuy’s JabariYoga studio for Ashtanga yoga,

the hottest workout in town”